Microns and Seconds

brassMicrons and seconds: small measures for great production

If Carlo Bonomi, who started the company in 1828, could see us and if he could see our fully automated equipment using state of the art technology to manufacture million of pieces, he would not believe to his eyes.

Nothing is left unmonitored: materials and resources optimization is coordinated by finite capacity scheduling systems while every production step is constantly verified by experts who use real time communication and evaluation systems interpreting quality data to prevent any single part or product falls outside tolerance.

Training and cooperation among RuB professionals, together with research and development, quality awareness, extensive automation and technology have all one common objective: Meet the Standards set by the Customer.

  • internal components represent the heart of our product;
  • production speed and repeatability are essential to RuB success;
  • future planning and present monitoring with state of the art tools;
  • forging machining represents an important process that use specific equipment;
  • machining and handling of products are done with care to optimize product and process;
  • raw materials are purchased only from certified vendors and have P.E.D. compliant documentation;

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