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Smooth runs with an outstanding organization

Time back, "will to work" was synonymous for success, nowdays that will is not enough: the winner has the best organization.

Careful study of the plant layout has enabled RuB to become years back a pioneer in the search for optimization of the smallest detail. Every department is made by highly skilled people that work constantly to improve production flexibility one example is the use of laser technology to customize each product, another is the raw material traceability in compliance to the European Pressure Equipment Directive that requires precise information for every batch of the various critical components of the valve and the consequent certification of each product.



Clear and easy-to-get information become distinctive elements of the product quality and its constant coherence with quality criteria set at the launch of the batch planning.

  • one by one, every valve is tested with electronic instrumentation that rejects automatically every defect 
  • all components are automatically assembled with continuos tests at every step
  • completely automated assembly line 
  • one seal test is not enough: for our customers, we make two!
  • laser technology to provide customers with the most preciseness and flexibility



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