Quality System

RuB Quality Policy

 RuB Inc. is a customer driven organization that prides itself in:Polishing

• A friendly and professional Service Center staff, three sales managers on the field and an extensive web of 25 reps throughout the Country. Beside our standard production, we are please to customize our products to your needs and work together with you studying process improvements, new materials, new technologies, new products to satisfy your needs and requirements. 

• Prompt technical and sales support.  Thanks to a very short chain of command, RuB Inc is always responsive to customer needs with same day accurate information on quotes and technical issues.

• Reliable and punctual service.  Over 95% of shipments same day as requested by customer.  Even custom orders that require off-line work, are serviced in maximum three work days.  This includes assembly of actuation assemblies, installation of stem extensions, memory stops, or custom handles.  Most importantly, they are shipped error free.

• Excellent quality.  All RuB made in Italy valves are double seal tested prior to leaving the plant.  There are no quality performance issues.

• Massive stocks to service an ever growing customer base.  The MN location has an inventory stock of over $4MM.




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