RuB, Inc. history

Mr. Silvio Bonomi and his sons, Sandro Bonomi & Luciano Bonomi, had been successfully selling RuB Italian made valves into the North American market for over 25 years.  In the early 1990’s they decided to explore the possibility of RuB opening up a new full service company to service other markets not yet serviced by existing customers. 

After surveying the competitive climate and new market opportunities, on July, 10. 1995 they open up RuB Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of RuB, and locate its headquarters in Minnesota. First sale was to Florida. Warehousing in MA was at first, through a public warehouse with contract employees and then to a dedicated facility with RuB employees in place.  There also was a smaller stock in Southern CA for west coast small package service capabilities. 

In July 2006, RuB Inc sold over 10 MM$ in a year. The same year, RuB, Inc. moved the MA inventory to a new head quarters office/warehouse complex in a western suburb of Minneapolis MN that includes a 17,000 square foot, 5 tier racking, warehouse.  In that warehouse RuB Inc. also assemblies its actuation as well as other off line functions like pressure testing incoming valves from non-RuB plants.  As well, the CA stock remains as a service depot.


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