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OEM ProductsEstablished in 1828, RuB is a family owned company traditionally committed to the production of brass valves, with specific  expertise in ball valves for a wide range of applications in the most diversified fields - hydraulic, pneumatic, automotive, marine, food processing, plumbing, heating, refrigeration, building automation, industrial, recycling, sewage and many others.

 Throughout almost two centuries, a most responsive understanding of market needs and tireless and exacting search for quality and innovation have led to progressive and constant growth of our company, now distributing its products to key users and major OEMs in over 60 countries worldwide.

Our mission is to provide competitive products that are best performing and most cost effective.

We offer our customers a comprehensive package of services: state of the art engineering and design capability, modern precise machining, highly automated process control with gaging and testing at every stage, managed by qualified personnel.

Flexibility and control are continuous through the whole process, right through product packaging and shipping. These key factors make RuB a highly reputable supplier, capable of fulfilling the most varied customer requirements.

Our sharp focus on quality and innovation has allowed us to achieve excellence of system and products, acknowledged not only by the ISO9001:2008 certification that Lloyd’s Register has awarded us and the CE mark, in compliance with the prescriptions of PED 97/23/CE European directive, but also by the large number of type approvals our products have earned in most industrialized countries worldwide:

  • Danmarks Gasmateriel Provning (DK)
  • European Council (Europe)
  • The Australian Gas Association (Australia)
  • Canadian standards Association (United States, Canada)
  • Canadian Underwriters Laboratories (Canada)
  • DVGW (Deutschland)
  • Danish Board of European Technical Approval for Construction Products (Danmark)
  • Factory Mutual (United States)
  • VTT (Finland), SVGW (Swiss)
  • Swedcert (Sweden)
  • Underwriters Laboratories (United States)
  • Water Regulation Advisor Scheme (United Kingdom)
  • Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Malaysia)
  • British Gas (United Kingdom)
  • Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (France)
  • Public Utilities Board (Singapore)
  • GOST-R (Russian), Rostek (Russian)
  • Hygenic (Russian)
  • UkrSepro  (Ukraine)
  • CSA - Drinking Water
  • BSI Group (united Kingdom)



Product traceability is provided, in compliance with European specifications.

Our organization undergoes continuous screening by third party approval inspectors and also by customer audits from such fields as automotive, refrigeration, heating, and building automation.

The quality of RuB products starts from raw materials: we only use first class certified brass, seals made from virgin PTFE and Viton supplied by approved makers.

All our products and processes are silicone free, thus most suitable also for the automotive and paint industries. Labs-frei option is also available.

Our plant, with 14,000 m2 (150,000 ft2) houses transfer machines specifically designed for the manufacture of 1/8” through 4” valves and components, advanced CNC machine tools, and single and multi-spindle automatic lathes.

Among our key strengths is our capability to provide fully automated assembly of large series products.

Design, machining, assembly and testing of components and most of our manufacturing tools are all made in-house, which sharply improves control and management.

With its extensive know-how and long term experience, our Engineering Dept. is also available to work closely with our customers at every stage of special product development, from design, to prototype to final production.

RuB manufactures, assembles, and tests 60 million parts per year. To assure product quality this involves about 400,000 tests and measurements per day. Product designs are qualified with cycle life testing, burst tests, bending and torque tests.

Each production valve is pressure tested twice, including a 24 hour (or longer) pressure retention test - the most severe production test in the industry.

All RuB standard valves go through extensive validation tests, including burst, life, bend, impact, operating torque and sealing tests.

For special products, we can offer miscellaneous testing to best suit the specific customer requirements.

Furthermore, RuB can offer valuable solutions not only in brass but also in aluminum and steel.

Quality and productivity are constantly monitored by integrated systems that retrieve real time information from production and manage work load of each resource.

A wireless barcoded integrated system governs handling and storage, providing exact information of quantity and location of all materials.

Barcoding may be provided on packaging along with customer’s logo, part numbers and packaging quantity.

If you need a customized product, at RuB you will find the services you need - a fast, flexible world of quality.



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