RuB in the world

The work of our products, similarly to ours, is "concealed", but, with a little close-up, everywhere in the world you go, you can find RuB valves.

Thanks to a solid distribution network, RuB is close to users: not only with the best product in the market, but with the heart of those who made this job for two centuries. Carlo Bonomi would be proud of us.

RuB in the World



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Via Padana Superiore, 27/29
Frazione Ciliverghe
25080 Mazzano (Brescia) Italy
Tel. +39-030-212441
Fax +39-030-2629498

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RuB, Inc. 

4401 Dean Lakes Blvd.
Shakopee, MN 55379-2715 (USA)
Phone +1 (952) 857 1114
Fax +1 (952) 857 1118

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RuB, k.k. 

NK Uchi-Kanda Building, 3rd Floor
1-14-5 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
101-0047 Tokyo Japan
Phone +81 (80) 96401122
Fax +81 422 36 3639



RuB in the World

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